Guess who’s going to India? Hint: It’s Calgary-based CADcrowd

by Sarah Blue | Startups

CADcrowd, a Calgary company helping firms hire CAD staff globally, has been selected as 1 of 4 sponsored companies from Canada attending INDIASOFT 2011. The conference will be held in Pune, India and focuses on embedded software, IT enabled services and joint ventures with Indian companies. Alberta International and Intergovernmental Relations have cooperated with the Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council of India to sponsor directors Mackenzie Brown and Mikeal Abramoff to attend the event. “It is a great honour and opportunity to nurture our existing partnerships and create new relationships to capitalize on the immense opportunities” says Abramoff.

CADcrowd became aware of the opportunity as the Alberta International and Intergovernmental Relations office was fielding applications to select targeted firms to attend INDIASOFT 2011. The criteria for selection seemed to match up perfectly with what CADcrowd does and their application was accepted. The event will be held on March 25 and 26 in Pune, India.

Global procurement of engineering services has doubled since 2007 to over $80 billion and is expected to continue at double digit growth rates. Additionally, skilled labour shortages are poised to stifle the Canadian economy as early as 2012 fuelled by economic growth and a retiring baby boomer workforce. CADcrowd provides a solution to these challenges as globalization and the procurement of global services is more than just a trend. “Our integrated project management and software solutions make this process efficient and successful. CADcrowd has a vision to fill the growing need to benefit the Alberta economy” says Brown.

CADcrowd’s Mikeal Abramoff will be sharing his experience at INDIASOFT 2011 with TechVibes readers when he returns. 

CADSOFT Corporation
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CADSOFT Corporation is an international developer of software for Computer Aided Design in the building industry. Since 1984, the company has provided an integrated design solution based on the industry standard AutoCAD graphics engine. The products offered by CADSOFT represent the most flexible, comprehensive, and easy to use design tools available in the industry today. The company's... more

CAD Crowd
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CAD Crowd | Hire Global Engineering Companies CAD Crowd | Imagine a Global Engineering Team CAD Crowd helps buyers grow a global team of certified CAD designers, engineers, and contractors. Our project management, escrow and contractor certifications ensure buyers get both speed and quality for all CAD engineering work. The most common jobs include: 2D to 3D Conversions Raster to Vector... more

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