Help BroadbandTV Raise Money for Charity by Creating or Simply Watching a YouTube Video

by Andrea Wahbe

Last week, BroadbandTV, the largest online video aggregator in Canada, announced the launch of their first social video fundraiser. Now the three year old startup is seeking global support for a local cause. VISO, BroadbandTV’s consumer-facing YouTube channel, has reached out to its network of 5,000 video content creators from around the world to help tell the story of Mission Possible, a local charity that helps residents in one of Canada’s poorest postal codes find jobs.

“Our aggregated hub of online video content serves over 300 million monthly ad impressions per month,” says Shahrzad Rafati, founder and CEO of BroadbandTV, parent company of the VISO network. “Now, we have the tools to summon the entire world not only to care about your cause, but to transform compassion into monetary donations simply by watching videos online. And VISO Give is the donation that keeps on going – as long as people continue to spend time watching the videos, they will give back to charities through ad revenues.”

The winning partner video entry will be featured on VISO Give, BroadbandTV’s non-profit channel, which will use a unique “Watch and Give” model to donate 100 per cent of its generated ad revenues from cause-based videos back to its partnered charities. This means the more views the video gets, the more money Mission Possible will receive, long after the contest is over.

VISO paid out millions of ad revenue dollars to its network of video creators last year, and is one of the top five video aggregators online across the Google and YouTube networks. Rafati said VISO partnered with the charity Mission Possible for its first social fundraiser because the charity’s mandate to create meaningful employment aligns with VISO’s own. The charity also wanted to reach a younger audience demographic, and Broadband TV’s network of video content creators will help them to do so.

“Poverty and homelessness aren’t isolated to one zip code,” said Jenn Dagg, director of Communications and Development for Mission Possible. “We’re very excited for this opportunity to have our story shared with a global audience and to communicate the importance of restoring dignity through meaningful job creation across the world.”

BroadbandTV is already speaking with other charities about how they can enlist their network to help create even more global social video fundraisers. To become a BroadbandTV video content creator or to watch a video, go here.  

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Andrea Wahbe

Andrea Wahbe

Andrea Wahbe is a freelance B2B marketing strategist and corporate storyteller who has contributed to the growth of online media businesses in Canada, such as AOL and Google. By day, Andrea writes about digital media and marketing trends and tips for Canadian startups and SMEs. By night, she’s an analog book reader, master swimmer and experimental chef.  more

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