Xtreme Labs Looks to Continue Extreme Hiring Spree in 2013

by Knowlton Thomas | Startups

Toronto-based Xtreme Labs started this year with barely 100 employees. It will end this year with at least 200.

Sound familiar? The numbers compare pretty closely to that of HootSuite, who went from about 80 employees to over 230 in 2012.

HootSuite, which will move to bigger offices next year, plans to continue growing at this, ahem, glacial pace. Not to be outdone, however, Xtreme Labs anticipates a similar hiring binge.

The Canadian startup plans to add up to 100 more employees next year, bringing its total headcount to 300 by the end of 2013. HootSuite, from what we understand, is looking to hire at least this many as well over the same period.

According to the Financial Post Tech Desk, Xtreme Labs makes an effort to replicate Silicon Valley's startup culture—and the experience of working for a startup in said land—with features such as catered breakfasts, lunch-and-learn sessions, and social events, among other perks.

It's a highly competitive environment, especially when it comes to hiring engineers. The organization's director of marketing, Imtiaz Jaffer, told Christine Dobby over at FP that he'd has a job listing up for "agile engineer" since 2009. He just can't hire enough of them.

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Xtreme Labs
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Located in Toronto, Palo Alto, and New York City, Xtreme Labs leads the world’s biggest brands in creating award-winning mobile products. Xtreme Labs’ expertise in mobile spans both the consumer and enterprise industries, providing a wide range of solutions for mobile, tablet, TV, mobile web, connected devices and more. All projects are handled in-house by a talented team of engineers,... more

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