How Much Does Your iPhone Cost in Electricity from Charging? 99% Less Than Your Fridge

Most people charge their iPhones once per day and their iPads a couple times per week. After a year, does that add up to a lot of electricity usage?

With soaring electricity rates across Canada, consumers have become concerned that their smartphones and tablets may be costing significantly more than just their monthly data plans.

But fret not: according to a new report from the Electric Power Research Institute, charging an iPad every second day for an entire year costs just $1.36—less than your daily cup of coffee at Tim Hortons. The older iPad generations, with their smaller batteries, use even less, while the iPhone 4S will add just three cents to your monthly utility bill.

These costs are far less than some other household staples: a standard 60-watt compact fluorescent bulb costs $1.61 per year, while a desktop PC costs just over $28. Your fridge, meanwhile, devours nearly $66.

It's worth noting that these numbers are based on US prices, but most of Canada has fairly comparable rates, so the estimations remain accurate.

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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