How Powernoodle could be useful in Japan right now

by Prashanth Gopalan

What's the quickest way to pull in experts around the world and and quickly assign priorities, resources and take action?

That’s the problem facing a lot of aid workers and technical experts working out the nuclear crisis in Japan right now. Internet chat, emails and conference calls are fine, but they either require planning and calendaring, or are severely limited in their ability to share information amongst multiple people simultaneously.

So how can we change this?

The Internet would be a great starting point of course, but many of the currently available tools simply don't cut it. They either generate a lot of user-generated nonsense (therefore lack privacy) or are overly private (thereby lacking the collaborative nature of many information-sharing tools).

So why don't they use Stratford's Powernoodle?

We've connected with these talented women before. Their meeting tool is quick, informal and anonymous. Best of all, it's best-suited for “get-in-and-get-out round-the-clock“ meetings of the type that they’re having in Japan at the moment.

"We're keen to see Powernoodle of service in emergency crisis situations, as a quick decision making tool, to pull in experts around the world and decide quickly the priorities, assign resources, and get into action. Anonymously, efficiently, transparently" - Kim Alexander, VP Sales and Marketing at Powernoodle Inc.

What are your thoughts readers? Good idea? Bad idea? Let us know.

Powernoodle Inc.
Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Powernoodle is a thought leader in leveraging the cloud to help everyone make better decisions. From small teams to large enterprises, the platform enables collaborative, impactful and inclusive decision-making by providing rapid visibility around key decision factors (risks, unpopular points of view, budget) that normally do not surface. Powernoodle is used around the globe every day to bridge... more

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Prashanth Gopalan

Prashanth Gopalan

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