How the iPad is Revolutionizing Home Automation & Control

by Harry Saini | Apple

Just when Apple fans thought it couldn’t get any better, the iPad has become one of the most useful home management tools on the planet.

Imagine going on the road for a number of days and being able to control important home devices/appliances (from the air conditioner, to house lights, to door locks); waking early in the morning to a chilly home and turning the furnace on before hopping out of bed; and cutting down on energy costs by monitoring each of your major appliances for efficiency -- all from your trusty iPad.

A growing number of home owners are discovering the power of “home automation” or the use of digital technologies to streamline their household. Technology providers such as Smart Home Control by Control4, Sonos, Lutron Home Control +, IP Cam Viewer Pro, Eragy, and Powerhouse Dynamics technologies are forever changing the way people interact with their homes. Each technology works seamlessly with the iPad, making the device THE remote for the entire household.

All of the above technologies work seamlessly with the iPad via an app or downloadable console and can play a role in lowering energy consumption, increasing home security, and/or enhancing personal comfort.

How the iPad and Digital Technologies Can Make a Difference:

  • Home Theater Controls & Flexibility.  The iPad works seamlessly with the Control4 home automation system, which can make all home entertainment technologies work together including flat screen monitors/TVs, DVD players, stereos and. wireless speakers. It even has the power to lower window shades and lower the lights when the beginning movie credits begin to roll.
  • Child Proofs the TV. With the help of Control4, if a child is watching the TV instead of completing their homework, parents or a babysitter can simply click a button on their iPad to instantly turn it off.
  • Lighting, Window Covering Controls, & Thermostat control. There are number of amazing products that can be used separately or in conjunction with one another to save a tremendous amount of energy and make temperature regulation possible. Lutron Home Control +, Eragy, Control4, and Powerhouse Dynamics solutions all work seamlessly with the iPad.
  • Door Lock & Garage Monitoring. Control4 keeps track of all door locks and garage doors and can be set to alert homeowners if either a door is ajar or the garage door open. In the case that a door needs to be locked or garage door shut, homeowners can use their iPad to make needed changes…no matter if they are at home, at the office, or across the world.
  • Music Control. For music lovers that want more control over the various speakers their homes, Sonos provides you the ability to control every speaker in the house individually. It is even possible to turn on a different song in each room to keep everyone happy!
  • Video Monitoring & Recording. Utilizing the $3.99 IP Cam Viewer Pro app, you can control & view IP cameras from anywhere in the word. This is perfect for checking in on teenagers or security surveillance. The app can be easily accessed from and used on the iPad.

Really, the opportunities for home automation and iPad utilization are endless! The only limitation is a homeowner’s creativity and/or knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. The secret to discovering the right combination is to inventory all appliances/devices within the home and then reach out to a leading home automation specialist. 

As the release of the iPad 3 approaches, who knows what’s next for homeowners. Without a doubt, its application within the home is becoming more valuable each and every day!

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Harry Saini

Harry Saini

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