How to explain your web2.0 job at the pub

by Sarah Blue | Culture

There are plenty of people in the world that go through life without spending any time on The Internet and you've decided you want to spend some time with some of them. What do you say when the person next to you at the pub decides to ask what it is you do all day? Here are five easy tips for Friday to get you started in the right direction:

Gauge your audience. How internet un-savvy is this person? Run through a quick list until you hit the first no. "Ok, do you know Google? Facebook? Flickr? Delicious? Tim Berners-Lee? Personally?" Once you've established where they are on the bell curve, you'll be able to tailor your job description.

Start off small. You can't conquer Rome in a day...but that might not be the conquest you're after whilst out drinking anyway ;) You don't need to sell this stranger on the details of your job, you just need to sell them on the fact that it is legitimately something you get paid to do. This isn't limited to careers on The Internet because let's face it, does anyone really understand what engineers do all day?

Speak the same language. This is no time for jargon, acronyms or - heaven forbid - l33t speak. Most of us have a general understanding of corporate structure, so fit your role into that. If your moo cards say "cloud and continuity specialist" try introducing yourself as the IT department. If you travel the world as your brand's community evangelist, go with PR and communications.

Teach them something they can then share with others. A universal truth: the best part about learning is using your new found knowledge to feel superior to others. Enable this feeling by teaching the person you are chatting with something new. Not only will you be imparting wisdom they can share with their friends, you'll be helping spread the word about your company.

Drop it like it's hot. The Internet? Oh, it's the future. Don't be shy if you are on the cutting edge of what's new and exciting. The pub is the perfect place to brag. A little my-job-is-so-cool-you-didn't-even-know-it-existed goes a long way.

Good luck out there!

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Sarah Blue

Sarah Blue

Sarah is currently in charge of community outreach for Cardinal Media Technologies. Cardinal is a music participation and insight platform that lets users share what they're listening to, discover new music and friends, create ad-hoc location-based networks, and influence what's playing at 'Cardinal Powered' venues. Sarah has partnered with startup and community leaders to educate... more

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