How to Get 50,000 People to Look at Your Pitch in a Weekend

by Daniel Eckler | Startups

Toronto-based serial entrepreneur Daniel Eckler thinks most pitch decks suck. The founder and CEO of Canadian web startup Piccsy, Daniel is certain he can make a superior one. In fact, he already has.

Launched with positive press from the likes of TechCrunch and Hacker News, Piccsy's sleek and fluid web-based pitch deck went viral over the weekend. Ask yourself: how often does a pitch deck go viral? Let's just say it doesn't happen quite as often as with cute kitten GIFs.

We had Daniel explain why he wanted to break away from the conventional mold and give other entrepreneurs some pointers on how to do the same.


Being from Toronto, it's harder to get in touch with investors in New York or San Francisco, we don't have the network for intros that locals do. I've read a lot about how investors don't even look at cold pitches. 

I'll assume that, if you're reading this on Techvibes, you have the same issue. But no matter where you are it's important to stand out. Think about how you can get attention by doing something different.


I find it interesting that startup culture is all about disrupting the status quo, yet when it comes to creating a pitch deck, founders don't hesitate to use a weak and outdated solution like Powerpoint. 

The problem we were solving with our deck was how to get investor and media attention. Why else does one create a deck? 

For Piccsy, the solution was creating a shockingly beautiful pitch deck with cutting edge web technology. We help people discover beauty digitally, it made sense. Figure out what makes your product unique and come up with a pitch that communicates that core value.


We were very conscious of creating something beautiful that people would also actually be able to digest. The deck is animated, but not overanimated; it's illustrated, but minimal; and it contains all of the things you'd expect to see in a normal deck, in a normal order - only with more focus on design.

Whatever you do, make your pitch or presentation shocking and easy to shar. But also make sure it still retains substance.


People are going to be seeing this for the first time without us there to take them through it. We wanted to make sure they'd be wowed by the design and educated, but also that they'd have a good time.

Things like the illustrated faces blinking periodically, or our financials blurred out with a joke, add a human touch and showcase our personality, even while we're thousands of miles away. Figure our how to connect with your potential investors even if you're not face to face.


Promote your project like you would anything else. Make sure it looks professional, that it's easy to understand and share, and then find the right people or outlets to help you spread the message.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Piccsy seeks to revolutionize the way people discover, catalog, and share images online. We are a platform/network that enables individuals to explore their aesethic interests and form communities focused on the related image-based content. Users of Piccsy ... discover images through 'streams' that filter images based on custom paramaters set by our community ... catalog these images into... more

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Daniel Eckler

Daniel Eckler

Daniel Eckler is a Toronto-based entrepreneur, creative director, and author. A graduate of the University of Toronto, Eckler founded and developed a series of design and lifestyle websites that became the EveryGuyed network.Daniel and his work has been featured in GQ, Nylon, TechCrunch, the Wall Street Journal, and more. more

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