HuStream launches 'breakthrough technology' in online marketing

Kelowna-based startup HuStream Technologies today announced the availability of the cloud-based, self-service Interactive Video Design Toolset for building, publishing and analyzing digital media.

The Design Toolset includes "two powerful and ground-breaking products," The HuDesigner and The HuPlayer. The HuDesigner is "the world’s first team-based Interactive Video Design Tool that requires no programming to build sophisticated Interactive Video." The HuPlayer, a viewer-driven interface that delivers the content and analyzes the viewer experience, is "the world’s first video player designed specifically for interactivity giving it unique characteristics not found in the marketplace today."

“After three solid years of development and testing we are excited to be launching our tools to the thousands of marketers who are focused on creating more engaging digital media experiences for their target audiences,” said Pete Callaghan, HuStream President and Chief Executive Officer. “Now, digital agencies can put Interactive Video to work for their clients using existing personnel in a fast and efficient manner with no programming skills required.”

The attention span of today’s online viewer is incredibly short, HuStream says. They "skim and snack on information"; that poses a challenge for marketers whose job it is to engage their online audience. Interactive Video Apps are a fresh new way to capture the attention of an online audience, the company says.

“The really exciting part is that we have eliminated all of the technical complexity from the process of creating Interactive Videos,” said Peter Matejcek, HuStream Founder and Chief Technical Officer. “We have removed a huge barrier to making Interactive Video more widely utilized. Normally building Interactive Video requires months of intensive coding. By eliminating the required programming, Interactive Video can now be created in hours, by anyone, using HuStream Design Tools.”

HuStream was founded in 2008.

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