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by Prashanth Gopalan | Culture

Looking for an authoritative guide on how to successfully leverage social media strategies to improve employee productivity and/or stakeholder relationships?

Kitchener-based IGLOO Software, a social software company that builds online communities for business, has the answer. Their free Social Media Playbook is an invaluable tool for companies looking to integrate social media and social software strategies into their community-building activities. The Social Media Playbook offers a comprehensive guide on successfully leveraging social media strategies towards internal (employee-facing) or external (stakeholder-facing) purposes, and is divided up into 4 categories:

  1. Step-by-Step Wiki Guide – browse, search and even contribute content to the over 150 pages of educational material, and learn how to best use proven community building methodologies.
  2. Resource Library – view and download resources such as white papers, videos, podcasts, presentations and workbooks to support an online community building project.
  3. Expert Bloggers – learn from industry experts as they blog on relevant business social media topics of the day.
  4. Best Practice Forums – participate in online discussions focused on specific issues, challenges, innovations or topics related to the community building process.

According to IGLOO Software's CEO Dan Latendre, “Consumer social networks, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, are reshaping our thinking around effective collaboration and knowledge sharing in business, but successful adoption of social technologies still requires a strategy and plan. The Playbook helps companies implement new and innovative ways to overcome the technical, operational and cultural barriers that will prevent stakeholder adoption."

Established in 2004 as a means to facilitate collaboration between researchers at the Centre of Innovation and Governance (CIGI), the Social Media Playbook was conceptualized as a result of that experience, and over the past 4 years, fleshed out through contributions from IGLOO customers, including RBC Royal Bank, Deloitte, Motorola and ATP World Tour.

The Social Media Playbook is open to share, copy, distribute and transmit under ‘Creative Commons licensing (cc)’ with attribution back to IGLOO Software.

Igloo Software
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Prashanth Gopalan

Prashanth Gopalan

Prashanth Gopalan is a freelance blogger based out of Waterloo and Toronto. When not blogging obsessively on Techvibes, he can be found opining on politics, current affairs, history, economics, business and everything in-between. Feel free to connect with him and drop him a line. He doesn't bite (at least not since he was three). more

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