Time is Ticking for International Startup Festival Pitch Applications

by Joseph Czikk | Startups

The International Startup Festival is once again on the tech radar. Founder Phil Telio wants startups to know that they have until May 3 to apply to pitch at this year’s festival, July 10 to 12 in Montreal’s Old Port.

12 startups will be selected to pitch their idea to a crowd of over 1,000 industry leading investors, analysts and bloggers.

“Think you’ve got what it takes to take your startup from a drunken scrawl on the back of a napkin to a world-beating empire worth billions?” reads their website. “International Startup Festival is your chance to take a shot and get your startup out in front of real people.”

Interested startups can visit the International Startup Festival website to fill out a short application that requires them to answer where they’re at in terms of stage, funding and launch. They’ll also have an option to include a demo video and a short explanation of why they should pitch at the conference.

For three years now the International Startup Festival has been gaining significant exposure. At an Entrepreneurs Anonymes meet up in Montreal last week Telio told an audience how the festival grew from small “Startup Camp” get-togethers to the first festival where 70 people showed up. This July will mark the third annual event with more than ten times that original number expected to attend.

The festival will focus on startup stories while building the “Startupfest Campfire.” Moreover, the festival is putting together a lineup of “the greatest startup stories” told by those who created them. While we don’t have confirmation on whether there will be an actual bonfire, we hope there will be one with lots and lots of s’mores.

The startup stories will revolve around three concepts. “Stories of the past” will gather knowledge and insight from industry heavyweights discussing how they used technology to transform the way we live, work and play. “Stories of the now” will feature today’s crop of hot startups as they convince others to get involved. Finally, “Stories of the future” will provoke a discussion from all patrons to look ahead and talk about trends, disruptions and opportunities.

Aside from this, the festival will feature keynote speakers, entrepreneurship workshops and the Tent Expo, featuring tents like the “Women in Tech Tent," the “Crowdfunding Tent” and more.

The folks at the International Startup Festival have certainly been promoting their cause, especially after the successful Elevator World Tour event in late January. Over 100 startups packed the CN Tower in Toronto to ride the elevator while trying to convince two high-powered investors that their startup was worthy of cash. Toronto-based crowdsourced jewelry startup Mejuri took home the top prize and will be pitching at July’s big event. 

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