Relationship Capital Platform Introhive Hires Two Former Radian6 Employees as VPs

Introhive, a San Francisco-based startup with offices in Fredericton, has hired two former Radian6 employees.

Rob Begg was formerly a vice president of product marketing for Salesforce, which acquired Radian6 in 2011 for more than $300 million. Richard McInnis also hails from Salesforce via Radian6.

But the two didn't come straight from Salesforce. They recently ended a short stint with Polar Mobile, a Toronto-based startup they joined in early December.

At the time, Polar founder Kunal Gupta said that Rob and Rich were "a great cultural fit with the team." And Begg and McInnis agree—Rob told Techvibes that he thinks Polar is a "great company with an amazing team"—but they decided to leave Polar for Introhive instead.

Why? Introhive was cofounder by David Alston, who was also a cofounder of Radian6. According to Begg, "a chance to work with good friends within the region and in a space we know well was too good of an opportunity to pass up."

Begg is now Introhive's vice president of marketing, while McInnis is the startup's vice president of sales. These are the same positions the two held at Polar Mobile.

Introhive is a "relationship capital platform." The startup says it unlock the connections and relationships within a company to help sales and marketing reach customers. According to Introhive, this results in better introductions and more meetings—not just more contacts.

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Introhive is a relationship capital platform. Relationship capital is the sum of all the relationships that an organization’s employees have with customers, colleagues, and friends. Typically leveraging these relationships have been hard as they tend to live in siloes of social media, email, calendars, and contact. Introhive helps companies unlock these relationships by discovering and... more

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