Invoke Clarifies the Complicated With Clay

by Greg Andrews

Recently Common Craft, makers of the popular and often imitated "papercraft" videos, recently stopped doing custom client videos, shifting their efforts to general purpose videos that they're licensing out through an online store. Vancouver's Invoke Media is raising the visual bar and stepping up to fill the custom video void with Claytorial: complicated things explained simply using clay animations. They don't deny the Common Craft inspiration, but see clay as "a style that is instantly recognizable and yet fresh".

Their first creation is a video done for Vancouver mobile startup Tagga.

"Invoke's Claytorial generated a tremendous amount of organic traffic and PR for Invoke's creative team really helped us distill our message and create a fun and clear method to communicate our business to a broad audience. We use the Claytorial to explain what tagga is all about to new site visitors, potential partners, customers and financiers. More often than not, we are asked, "who made this for you?"  - Amielle Lake, CEO.

Low tech is the new tech. Clay is a neat, unique way to communicate ideas, and gives me an excuse to link to classic claymation stars Wallace and Gromit. If you have an idea you'd like "Claytorialized", check out their site.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Invoke partners with the big thinkers behind startups and established brands to create new revenue and digital service opportunities. For us, every day is a chance to solve problems in new ways and unearth big-impact ideas. Our process is rooted in collaboration, so we incorporate multiple perspectives as we ideate, prototype, and refine our way towards a solution. more

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Greg Andrews

Greg Andrews

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