Is Apple abandoning the desktop?

By now most know that Bertrand Serlet is leaving Apple. Bertrand is a senior executive for the company, leading its Macintosh computer software department as vice president of Mac Software Engineering.

This news comes at a time when Apple is increasingly focusing on its iPad, iPhone, and iPods - devices that use iOS software, not Mac software. While Apple still regularly launches new Macbooks and iMacs, the time between new generation releases has slowed slightly, particularly with products like the Mac Mini and Mac Pro. Meanwhile, the new iOS devices are being aggressively marketed and constantly innovated.

Quoth The Province:

While Apple remains devoted to its Macintosh computers, it has grown into a "mobile devices" with its revenue coming increasingly from trend-setting iPad tablet computers and iPhone smartphones.

Jobs has repeatedly proclaimed the onset of a post personal computer era marked by a shift to sophisticated mobile gadgets used to do on the go computing or Internet tasks once performed sitting in front of machines.

Bertrand joined Apple in 1997 and was behind the Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard OS releases for the company. Craig Federighi will replace him as he unveils the new Lion OS this summer.

How much further will Apple shift its focus from Macs to mobile devices? Is this "post-PC" era being ushered in too soon, too quickly?

Is Apple abandoning the desktop?

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