Is the Recession Good for Lifestyles Start Ups?

by Victoria Revay | Startups

BigOven, a recipe site out of Seattle is growing leaps and bounds.  The tiny start up has introduced a new logo and online tools, like a Windows software and an iPhone app at a the perfect time: now.  Founder Steve Murch says his company's four million monthly visitors (500% year-to-year growth) are motivated to get online and swap recipes because of today's tough economic times.  Simply put, the recession is inspiring people to stay at home, cook dinner more economically and get online to find inspiration when it comes to the making meals.

The move to more home-cooked meals could be good news for online recipe sites. And that might be good for Seattle, since for some reason a number of home-grown startups were cultivated here.

The best feature for me is their recipe software.  It allows for you to portion your meals and generate nutrition facts, amongst other features. It also comes in handy when your shopping for a recipe and forget what ingredients are needed to make it a truly authentic experience.

BigOven is currently #14 on the March PEER 1 Seattle Startup Index.

Seattle, Washington, United States

I love to cook. It's a fun and creative outlet that can be enjoyed every day. My occasional travels abroad convince me that everyone should try slowing down a bit and really focus on the nightly family dinner. Get together, often, with friends over a good meal. Life is too short, and the many lasting benefits of regular all-family meals are well-documented. I also love technology and the... more

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Victoria Revay

Victoria Revay

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