Is your business ready for the Cloud?

by Aaron McIntosh

This article was sponsored by TeraGo Networks.

As we all know, change is often a good thing for business. However, when a business faces constant IT changes year after year it can be incredibly taxing. Offloading the tasks of upgrading, running, and maintaining its IT resources to a web-based service is beginning to make a great deal of sense.

That is exactly why so many businesses in Canada are turning to the Cloud. Although we’re still behind many other countries, 47 percent of Canadian businesses are actively using the Cloud, whether they realize it or not.

Even though cloud computing sounds like something fairly new, Microsoft Hotmail is, in fact, a simple form of cloud computing and has been around for almost 15 years. Things like web-based, shared computing services, on-line software, server space, or even email hosting are prime examples of cloud computing today.

The question now presents itself; should you upgrade elements of your current business IT or should you offload it to the Cloud?

Outsourcing all or some of your IT services to the Cloud makes sense. Not only does it add up from the perspective of pure economics, but also in terms of business productivity. Every business experiences a huge drain on their internal resources when a change-over in technology occurs. The constant installation, replacement and re-learning of each and every one of these technology conversions can continually dominate the business. It’s an ongoing struggle to maintain business consistency while managing this change across a vast array of technology platforms.

The reality for most small and medium businesses is that they don’t have the internal resources to support or afford “best in class” IT hardware and software for their growing enterprise. A business has to typically “overbuy” or finance overcapacity in the early stages of technology upgrades and then anticipate what to do as productivity surpasses existing technologies.

Other companies are concerned about reliability or the possibility of having their data compromised. However, the reality is that Cloud services deliver the same, if not greater, functionality using superior and more reliable infrastructures. Better quality than most businesses could ever afford. The added beauty of IT outsourced services is that they are up-gradable and available on an as-needed basis.

The internet, in its original stages, was primarily designed for a one way experience - down. This one way flow was the downloading of data from robust, centralized servers down to local desktops within a business. One of the biggest challenges in managing a Cloud-enabled business model is the constant need to upload content to the internet. It requires a robust and symmetrical connection that not all Internet Service Providers … actually provide.

One innovative company, TeraGo Networks in Thornhill, Ontario, offers an internet connection designed to take advantage of all that the Cloud has to offer. Its 'Symmetrical Bandwidth' suite of products means you can upload as fast as you download.  Another of the many benefits of Symmetrical Bandwidth starts with a very basic human perception – the experience of moving files around the internet without huge speed differences, whether it’s down from outside servers to your business or up to the Cloud. The seamlessness of consistently high capacity data transfer helps everyone better anticipate what they can accomplish throughout the given workday.

If your business uses the traditional copper or cable connection to the internet you are likely to experience intermittent slowdowns in speed throughout your day. Most often this occurs in late afternoon as a result of increased traffic on the internet. Productivity and performance decline when, in most cases, residential customers jump on to the internet and share the same bandwidth that’s being used by your business. (Think online gaming, after school, as it invades the internet and shares high resolution video across continents while you’re uploading important files to another server – that kind of slowdown).

Because TeraGo Networks owns and operates its own facilities-based High Capacity Broadband Network, it does not share internet connectivity with residential customers, so neither does your business. Moreover, TeraGo does not throttle any specific types of IP protocols its customers may use (also referred to as Internet Traffic Management Policy). You may have seen articles in the press focusing on this throttle issue recently. TeraGo offers a private, business-only, high capacity broadband connection.

Having stable, outsourced IT relieves a lot of pressure from a business. Consistent high capacity internet speed makes for better productivity. The two go hand in hand perfectly with cloud computing.

You can also pick and choose the services you need, upgrade only when you need to and in the end, save your business both time and money.

If your current Internet Service Provider can’t offer you a consistent, reliable, high speed connection to the internet – both UP and DOWN, then maybe it’s time to consider your alternatives.

To calculate both the download and upload speeds of your internet connection, in real time, right now, you can use this speed test.

Find out more about how you can take advantage of the TeraGo business-only internet connection and all that it offers. Just click here.

This article was sponsored by TeraGo Networks.

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Aaron McIntosh

Aaron McIntosh

Aaron McIntosh is TeraGo Network’s Marketing Manager – Internet and Data Products.  Mr. McIntosh oversees the management and development of TeraGo Network’s suite of Internet, Data and Voice products. As a seasoned marketing and Internet product/program manager with twelve years of progressive experience in the telecom industry, Mr. McIntosh has extensive experience in managing the... more

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