IVEY BC Entrepreneurship Forum announces initial presenting companies

by Mark Longo | Startups

The Ivey BC Entrepreneurship Forum Company Selection Committee received and vetted 36 excellent company applications for the Ivey BC Forum taking place in Vancouver on November 16, 2009. The following 6 companies have been selected to present, with another 2 companies to be added during the week of November 2nd:

  1. Axia Software Corporation
  2. Canadian Building Technologies Ltd.
  3. dpoint Technologies Inc.
  4. LayerBoom Systems
  5. Rapid Electric Vehicles Inc.
  6. Subserveo Inc.

The program for the afternoon can be found at www.ivforum.ca/bc/program.php. Angel and Venture Capital investors and other interested observers are encouraged to register online for the event.

Axia Software is an innovative asset management software solutions provider. Axia’s flagship product, REVEAL, is a multifaceted product that delivers solutions to help make intelligent asset management and capital planning decisions. This professional enterprise level suite bridges the gap between corporate objectives and daily decisions of asset managers. Our company develops and deploys it’s... more

dpoint Technologies Inc.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

DPoint Technologies is a privately held Vancouver based company focused on developing and supplying heat and humidity exchangers for Fuel Cell Systems and Energy Recovery Ventilators. Humidifiers are critical to fuel cell performance and reliability and are currently one of the top 3 most expensive components in the fuel cell engine other than the stack. Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) Cores... more

Layerboom Systems
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Layerboom Systems provides hosting companies with all the components required to provide turn-key virtual private servers to their customers. By combining the latest virtualization technologies with a unique hosted management platform, hosting companies are able to provide VPS products to their customers quickly and easily, while continuing to focus on what they do best. more

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