The Tech Jobs That Will (And Won't) Get Pay Raises in 2013

In the Greater Toronto Area, 73% of technology professionals can expect at least some sort of pay raise next year, according to Lannick Technology's new annual salary report.

In 2013, some of the less glamorous positions will find themselves in particular demand. Network Administrators will see an average raise of 9% as firms continue to strive to extract as much value from their IT infrastructure as possible, in the face of ongoing technology advances. Their average salary will rise from $66,000 to $72,000.

Service Desk Analysts are the lowest paid in the report but will see an average raise of 8% (from $45,000 to $48,750) as business teams maintain the trend of spreading around the globe and across multiple time zones, and more corporations introduce BYOD (bring your own device) policies. And Directors of Application Development will earn a 6% average boost, from $123,000 to $130,000, making them the most lucrative professionals in Lannick's report.

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"Information technology candidates that possess strong soft skills, including the ability to properly communicate with cross-functional teams, continue to be in high demand," said Igor Abramovitch, Director of Lannick Technology. "This includes the ability to translate technical jargon into laymen terms, listen well, accept criticism, and work well under pressure."

So which positions may see lower demand and pay in 2013? Quality Assurance Analysts, IT Auditors, Service Desk Managers, and Directors of IT.

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