Viva the Connected Revolution! One Canadian’s Journey into the Future of Technology

by Tom Emrich

We are in a state of accelerated growth in technology.

Tablets have been able to gain adoption in Canada more quickly than even smartphones were able to do and our news headlines are starting to look like they were written by sci-fi writers as they feature real-life examples of 3D printing, self driving cars, gesture controls and bionic limbs.

I recently revisited a chart from Gartner called the “Hype Cycle of Emerging Technology,” which was released back in August 2012. The cycle does a great job of illustrating the emerging tech predictions analysts are betting will eventually hit mainstream and when they expect them to see mass adoption.



For me, this chart does a great job illustrating how we are embarking on a realistic journey to a tomorrow we once only dreamed and made fictional movies about. In just five to 10 years, according to Gartner, we’ll be living a life where language is no barrier (speech-to-speech translation); we can create anything we want at home (3D Printing); where cars will drive themselves (autonomous vehicles); and monitoring and manage our health will be done at home instead of waiting in line at the hospital (home health monitoring).

It’s clear to me that we are in the midst of a new revolution—the connected revolution—and having been in tech most of my career, I know I definitely want to be part of it.

So you can imagine the excitement I felt when I saw that Engadget was holding a brand new event, Expand, designed to showcase some of consumer electronics’ greatest visionaries behind the most interesting and innovative devices on the market today.

There are a lot of shows a tech junkie like me can attend. But this one not just caught my attention, it arrested me so completely when I discovered it that I found myself clicking buy a flight out this weekend, March 15 and 16, to attend.

What sealed the deal for me was the opportunity to not only go hands-on with the tech that is changing the way we live our daily lives but to hear first-hand what impact the product developers themselves are expecting their technology to have on society.

You can view the complete agenda here, but my shortlist is:

  • Finding out if 3D printing is really going mainstream anytime soon with FormLabs Co-Founder Max Lobovsky;
  • Witnessingthe power of thought controlled computing with InteraXon CEO Ariel Garten;
  • Understanding how tech can better our health with Russ Angold, Co-Founder of Esko Bionics;
  • And finally being able to get my hands on the most successful Kickstarter product to date, the Pebble smartwatch.

As I know that not everyone can fly out to San Francisco to attend this event, I am extremely pleased to be able to cover the major stories coming out from it here on Techvibes. I will also be live blogging from the event on my own blog, Screen Geek, beginning March 15 at 8:30am PST. Feel free to shoot me an email on anything you would like to me to hunt down while at the show.

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Tom Emrich

Tom Emrich

Tom is a freelance consultant and blogger based in Toronto specializing in mobile, tablets and emerging technology. He has worked with independent developers, major media companies and start-ups on successfully developing, launching and marketing digital products here in Canada and abroad. His professional passion for technology is eclipsed only by his personal obsession with emerging... more

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