Canadian Startup Juice Mobile Launches First Mobile Real-Time Bidding Platform

by Knowlton Thomas | Startups

Toronto-based Juice Mobile, a mobile marketing and technology firm, announced this week the launch of what it calls "Canada's first mobile specific real-time bidding platform."

The traditional online RTB methodology is different in mobile due to its unique ecosystem, the Canadian startup explains, and is currently not being serviced properly by traditional online RTB engines. While some foreign-based mobile networks attempt to service the Canadian market, Juice explains that these offerings either lack a real-time engine or proper Canadian targeting.

"Online RTB has gained significant traction in the US and continues to grow rapidly in Canada," said Neil Sweeney, Juice Mobile's CEO. "It is important to note that RTB is not a strategy unto itself, it's an execution, and by implementing this as part of Juice's product offering we are allowing our clients to better execute the strategies they have developed with JUICE. Now our clients can service all of their needs at Juice whether this is custom development, rich media, premium impressions, video, analytics and m-commerce all in one shop."

The platform also opens up inventory to thousands of mobile publishers and apps with a deeper level of targeting and cost efficiencies. Juice's RTB platform allows ongoing tracking and analytics giving clients unparalleled insight into their mobile advertising campaigns.

"We know marketers are particularly interested in brand-safe environments so we have carved out a channel specific to this need," added Sweeney. "Launching Canada's first Mobile RTB platform is part of Juice's ongoing commitment to developing and releasing products to our clients that allow them to connect with consumers across the entire mobile ecosystem."

Juice Mobile was founded in 2010 in response to the rapid growth and adoption of mobile devices. 

JUICE Mobile
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

JUICE Mobile is an award-winning mobile advertising and technology firm solely dedicated to growing and monetizing the mobile advertising market. JUICE Mobile is a privately held company that was founded in 2010 in response to the rapid growth and adoption of mobile devices. While other firms simply "add" mobile to their online ad offerings, JUICE Mobile creates connected solutions that... more

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