Juno Awards Make the Green, Efficient Choice for Digital Distribution

Posted by Greg Andrews

Juno AwardsWhereas some music industry associations fear digital distribution as a kind of boogieman that will steal their profits, the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences is embracing it. CARAS, the organization responsible for the Juno Awards, will be using Yangaroo's Digital Media Distribution System to deliver media to judges and CARAS members for Juno Award consideration. Traditionally, this would constitute a package of multiple CDs and a wad of biographical and promotional material, distributed to over 2000 recipients. Digital distribution saves money and eliminates wasteful packaging. A smart choice, given that most judges would be listening on their computer or iPod anyhow.

"Integrating DMDS into our evaluation process was an easy decision," said Melanie Berry, President of CARAS. "The technology is not only more efficient and less expensive, but it also poses clear environmental benefits. The Canadian Music Industry was the first in the world to embrace digital delivery for their promotional releases to radio and other destinations, and it just follows that the JUNO Awards should be the first major televised awards show to adopt this same technology."

Yangaroo, formerly Musicrypt, is based out of Richmond Hill, ON, and their DMDS system has made over 5 million deliveries of over 11,000 songs from more than 600 record labels to radio stations and other broadcasters. Theirs is the only system that can digitally delivery to the US, Canada, and the UK. This is the first instance of an award show using their system.

Next year's Juno Awards take place in Vancouver, March 29, 2009.


Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

YANGAROO's patented Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) is a leading secure B2B digital delivery solution for the music and advertising industries. DMDS is a web-based delivery system that pioneers secure digital file distribution by incorporating biometrics, high-value encryption and watermarking. DMDS replaces the physical distribution of musical recordings and advertising to radio, media, retailers and... more

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