Juump.com Helps Tennis Players Meet and Play More Tennis

by Victoria Revay | Startups

As I mentioned in a previous post, I met some really cool people at the New Ventures BC seminars.  And as we all know, “cool people,” are usually behind cool startups.  That’s why I wanted to post something on JUUMP.com, a site that helps tennis aficionados connect online so they can play more tennis in real-life.  

So what is JUUMP?  It’s a free, Vancouver-based startup that combines social networking and mapping to help tennis players meet people and play more tennis.  Considering that I’ve been looking for a tennis partner for about 6 months and I live beside public tennis courts, I was very excited to hear more. As one of the co-Founders, Scott Dunlop explains the site was created to address a common challenge:  “People are always looking to play more, but too often they're sidelined because they don't have anyone to play with.”  So how does one JUUMP?  To start, anyone can organize a group and that group will have a personal page.  New members can join, communicate and get notified about tournaments, events and group things going on. Bouncy! Players can also post their own profile showing their tennis level, age group, availability and interests.

Site visitors can specify their location and then browse the players, tennis groups and events in their area.  When there’s a fit, players can send a confidential message via Juump to prospective tennis partners. In addition, Juump shows a map of the nearby courts—already the most complete database of tennis facilities in the province.

Plans to expand are vigorous for JUUMP.  Within a year, they plan to market the site beyond British Columbia and expand to other partner sports like cycling, sailing, running, golf.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Almost anyone can play tennis. If you’ve got someone to play with, you can have fun. As long as I can remember, I’ve played tennis... goofing around with friends, playing socially, and then competitively at the pro level. I’ve taught tennis, and organized everything from groups of friends to professional events like the National Championship. When I became President of my region's tennis... more

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Victoria Revay

Victoria Revay

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