Kerri Knull leaves CTI to join Tynt

by Stephen King | Startups

I met Kerri Knull for the first time about 3 weeks ago in an accidental coffee meeting (my latte runneth over!). She's well known in Calgary high-tech circles as the Manager of Calgary Innovation Centre, a division of Calgary Technologies Inc. (CTI), where she spent two years leading a team that helps mentor early stage entrepreneurs in a number of areas such as marketing and raising capital. She's had tremendous impact ... google "Kerri Knull Calgary" and you'll get a feel for what she's been able to accomplish.

Kerri roots came from Vancouver, where she spent 6 years in Venture Capital with BDC. Her time at CTI "... was very rewarding. I am deeply grateful to CTI for giving me the opportunity to be part of this community." Kerri has just joined the buzz-laden Tynt Technologies. As she says, "Tynt is in stealth mode so there is not much to tell yet, but I can say that I am joining a killer team working on game-changing product and you will hear more very soon." Having talked with Derek Ball at Tynt, who gave me some extremely impressive demos of their technology, I certainly agree about the "game-changing" nature of what they're working on.

I know he's moving into a extensive beta program soon, and, moreso, the fact that they've hired Kerri to do business development tells me that they are seriously starting to ramp up to go to market. Congrats, Kerri ... on both your success at CTI and your pending success at Tynt!

Tynt Multimedia
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Tynt Multimedia is measuring the way consumers interact with content they find on Websites and is focused on improving engagement and user retention for Publishers. The company’s platform is driving new revenue opportunities by increasing traffic, increasing onsite user engagement, providing new methods of content discovery, offering new option for ad delivery and providing unique insights into... more

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Stephen King

Stephen King

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