Ke$ha's latest music video features shameless product placement – Vancouver's PlentyOfFish among them

by Knowlton Thomas

Ke$ha, the reliably trashy, awfully nasty rising popstar, recently released her latest music video. The video is for generic club-pop track "We R Who We R." While the song couldn't be less inspiring, what's interesting about it is some less-than-subtle product placement—Vancouver-based online dating site PlentyOfFish among them.

If Ke$ha wasn't paid for these placements, she needs to fire her business manager: they're so ridiculously obvious that I wager she fetched millions for each. One is for Revolucion Tequila, which gets numerous close-ups of being poured into glasses, and another is Baby-G watches, which Ke$ha frequently checks the time on. And the third is the popular POF, which has for a long time lead our index of Canadian startups in traffic.

While I can't see POF founder and CEO Markus Frind striking a deal directly with Ke$ha, somebody must have signed something, because Ke$ha's DJs seem to love scrolling through PlentyOfFish for no apparent reason during an outdoor clubbing session. In case you didn't know, POF is "The world's LARGEST online dating website"—and you don't need to go to to find that out. Just bob your head to Ke$ha. You R who you R.

PlentyOfFish (
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

PlentyOfFish is the world’s largest online dating site, with over 80 million registered users. Beginning as a small start-up out of CEO and founder Markus Frind’s apartment in 2003, it soon revolutionized the online dating industry as the first free site. Since its inception, PlentyOfFish has offered the first and most advanced matching system in the industry and a series of personalized... more

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton is the managing editor of Techvibes and author of Tempest Bound. Based in Vancouver, Knowlton has been published in national publications and has also appeared on television and radio. Previously he was an editor for New Westminster weekly The Other Press and served on its board of directors. When not working, Knowlton enjoys hiking, tennis, and martial arts. more

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