Kitchener-Waterloo Start-up Index - May 2008

Welcome to the first edition of the Techvibes Kitchener-Waterloo Start-up Index. The index ranks Kitchener-Waterloo area tech start-ups based on an average of Alexa and Compete traffic rankings. Previously, some of these companies were grouped in the Toronto index, but we decided that Kitchener-Waterloo is distant and active enough to warrant its own list. Criteria and other details are available on the Start-up Index page. This month, there may be some large shifts due to an overhaul of Alexa’s traffic sources. Admittedly, we've probably missed companies. If you have any suggestions for companies to add to the index, please post them in the comments for this post.

Rank Name Alexa Compete Average
1 ProductWiki 34,224 29,714 31,969
2 AideRSS 101,362 87,350 94,356
3 Moxy Media 330,563 105,132 217,848
4 371,890 220,328 296,109
5 Semacode 434,256 637,651 535,954
6 Brainpark 3,529,513 862,390 2,195,952
7 Jack of All Links 558,056 - 558,056
8 IGLOO 2,695,368 - 2,695,368
9 LiveHive 3,471,207 - 3,471,207
10 Suited Media 3,946,658 - 3,946,658
11 Covarity 4,009,063 - 4,009,063
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Greg Andrews

Greg Andrews

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