Kutano Makes it Easier for Users to Share with Twitter Integration

by Raul Pacheco | Startups

Local (Burnaby-based) startup Kutano recently released their Twitter integration feature, further enhancing its browsing, bookmarking and content-sharing capabilities. Here at TechVibes, we have reported before on Kevin Ishiguro's latest venture. Amos Michelson's (of Creo fame) is the Chairman of the Board of Kutano, while Ishiguro is the CEO. The main product (also named Kutano) is a browser add-on (currently supported on Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer). It would be interesting to have Kutano supported for Opera and Chrome.

Kutano is considered the industry’s first browser add-on tied to the web page subject. Kutano's features include creating open, context-sensitive discussion forums, side-by-side Twitter integration and tools to enhance the social networking experience.

The great advantage of Kutano is that it allows users to share relevant content to people in their own social networks, and respond within the website itself. Kutano lets users contribute, extract and exchange information by interest area, anywhere on the web.

Another great advantage is that Kutano is not tied to the URL of the website. But the Twitter integration further enhances Kutano, through an easy tool to track follows/followers and easy-to-post content-sharing capabilities. We'll be following this local startup closely.

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Raul Pacheco

Raul Pacheco

Raul Pacheco-Vega (BSc. Chemical Engineering, Universidad de Guanajuato; MBA/MEng. Advanced Technology Management, The University of British Columbia; PhD. Resource Management and Environmental Studies, The University of British Columbia) is a Vancouver-based researcher, educator and consultant in environmental politics and policy. He has conducted research in the field of environmental public... more

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