Landlines' final nail in the coffin? Public Mobile unleashes Unlimited Talk for $15

by Knowlton Thomas

Landlines have become largely a redundant monthly expense as telcos have expanded wireless networks and smartphones gain ever-increasing capabilities. But even so, there's still a niche that simply wants to talk - a lot - at an affordable, data-free rate.

Well, Public Mobile may be hammering that final nail into the coffin, at least for those in coverage areas of the wireless startup. The company plans to introduce an Unlimited province-wide talk plan for $15, which is essentially the cheapest post-paid plan price possible. Unlimited talk, even if accompanied by no other features, is a deal for this cost. To compare, Koodo's $15 plan includes just 50 minutes.

This plan will not only make landlines extinct, but will also make many prepaid users think twice, who usually are in it primarily for a low-cost, talk-based mobile solution.

Other new Unlimiteds include the Unlimited Email addon for $5 AND Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data for $40. Both highly competitive - in fact, Wind says that Public is undercutting itself with prices that cannot be sustained permanently.

Public Mobile
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

At Public Mobile, we believe in giving customers more choice and control over their wireless spend on a robust national 4G LTE network. The new cooperative approach offers customers the ability to customize their plan including how long they want it. In addition, they have the opportunity to earn rewards to help bring their wireless costs down further. We started as a small company who wanted... more

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton is the managing editor of Techvibes and author of Tempest Bound. Based in Vancouver, Knowlton has been published in national publications and has also appeared on television and radio. Previously he was an editor for New Westminster weekly The Other Press and served on its board of directors. When not working, Knowlton enjoys hiking, tennis, and martial arts. more

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