Seeking Success? Challenge Yourself to Live a Life Without Limits

by Suzanne Huber

Success coach and personal development mogul Brian Tracy says there are no limits to what we can achieve. A self-made man that used sales as his vehicle to advance himself and build his wealth, he promises anyone can do it. All skills can be learned.

The limitations in your mind and the self-talk you have with yourself influence your behaviour and actions. Keeping a positive attitude is important to achieving goals. It is good to have a sounding board to talk to but make sure you are surrounded by the right circle of people that understand you, your capabilities, and support you when you want to take risks is important in your quest to having no limits.



It is natural to seek advice and counsel from the people in our lives. Be cautious about what you take in as their own limiting beliefs and point of view may not suite your needs and personal risk tolerance. Don’t sell your ideas if they will not be sold; keep them to yourself.

It can be tough when communicating with important people in your life like your good friends or parents that influence you. Don’t listen to negative advice: if you want to do something, you do not need others’ permission (well, maybe your spouse, but hopefully they support you).

Believing the vision other people have for your life is cheating your own accountability to the world and making decisions for yourself. Take their hints at face value but make your own choices. In life you have to take risks to grow or become stagnant.



"I can’t yet."

"When this happens, I will do it."

"I will start once…"

It is easy to come up with a million reasons why we cannot do something but ultimately, it is because you do not want to. There can be valid reasons that you are unable accomplish something—but that is after you have officially tried, not before. Once you decide what you want, surround yourself with positive people that will keep it real with you and support your goals. Then you will be better equipped to make them happen.

When you take accountability for your life and actions, you are in the power seat and stand a better shot of having a conscious life experience filled with meaning and purpose.



Hard to achieve something specific if you do not know what it is you want. In my early 20’s I had a pretty serious travel addiction, which activated my capacity to achieve goals and make fun things happen in my life. I lived in London, England twice and then went back to Europe a third time to meet my old flat mates in Ibiza before I was 25 around getting a business degree. Then it switched to making sure I had enough appointments to close deals when travelling to sell software to hotels in different cities around Canada—so on and so forth.

I always blend lifestyle goals with professional goals, and when you have them written down, that is the best way to see that they happen. All success coaches say this is mandatory to do. Goal setting helps you plan your life around all the curveballs. If you do not visualize what you want, chances are it won't magically show up.



We have all heard a million times that growth happens outside of your comfort zone and that your best work comes when you are living on the edge.

It is pretty amazing what you can accomplish when you absolutely have to do something (public speaking, finding investors, getting new clients etc). Of course, it is easier to make things happen when you have a pistol in your face, AKA a deadline. You get to this state by taking calculated risks (whatever those are) and knowing where you want to go (your plan, vision, etc.) and then taking relentless action and exercising discipline.

Ultimately you are the one that has to live with your performance—so why not do your absolute best and challenge yourself to go after what you truly desire?

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Suzanne Huber

Suzanne Huber

Suzanne started her career by launching a software company that offered real-time flight information and digital advertising to hotels. In just over a year the company grew throughout Canada and into the US. Clients included Westin Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Marriott Hotels the Pan Pacific in Vancouver and many others. Since then Suzanne has advanced marketing and technical expertise and has been... more

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