Edmonton's Login Radius Joins Montreal's FounderFuel Accelerator for Summer 2013 Cohort

by Joseph Czikk | Startups

Montreal-based accelerator program FounderFuel has confirmed that Login Radius is one of eight new teams admitted into the program for its summer 2013 cohort.

Last time Login Radius was making headlines was in late February, when we revealed that the company was attracting 10 million users per month through its widgets. At the time they were serving over 45,000 businesses throughout the world through a variety of products.

“We are overwhelmed by how fast our products are getting adopted, especially within the global community. It's amazing,” cofounder Rakesh Soni told Techvibes. “I see huge growth potential for LoginRadius in 2013."

Now the company is in the midst of FounderFuel’s three-month program, hoping to take advantage of mentoring and industry connections. Login Radius is arguably one of the most market-ready companies to come through the accelerator. They’ve yet to raise any venture capital but it doesn’t appear they’ll have any problems following this summer’s Demo Day in Montreal.

Founded in 2011 and originally from Edmonton, the company provides a SaaS solution for websites, allowing them to integrate up to 26 different social network APIs into one unified API. When Facebook, Twitter or Google upgrades something or changes a function, Login Radius saves developers the inevitable headache of going back, reading up on the documentation and modifying endless code.

For the many developers that rely on user sign-ins via social media integrations, Login Radius’ solution is quite useful. At nine dollars per month for their most basic plan it’s also a bargain. Their competitors are mostly enterprise-focused and charge around $2,000 per month.

Their solution’s strength in social analytics for clients is an added bonus. This includes deeper insight than Google analytics, into who their users are, where they’re coming from, what they’re doing on the site, their age and their gender. It provides profile and login analytics, social network reach, and demographic and technology analysis all in one.

The tool also lets its clients’ users perform friend invites and share web content on over 90 networks. Soni and cofounder Deepak Gupta call it “the new version of word-of-mouth marketing in the digital age.”

“You have the full suite of capabilities for these various social networks that you get from one API,” said Gupta. “The best thing is that integration is very quick: if Facebook does something we’ll take care of all the maintenance and you don’t have to worry about anything.”

The team stands at 14 employees. 12 employees work out of Soni and Gupta’s home city of Jaipur, India.

The two cofounders met in high school and came to North America seven years ago. Soni studied at the University of Alberta in Edmonton while Gupta settled in Chicago to study at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Both Soni and Gupta had experience working with different startups before they started working together, originally building a search engine. They worked on a few other similar projects, always integrating multiple APIs into their platform to ease user sign ups.

“So we ran into this problem again and we thought why don’t we make a SaaS model out of it?” said Gupta. “That’s when the idea was born, so we put together the piece of code and from day one when we put the product live we started getting users.”

With a market of over 650 million websites it doesn’t look like Login Radius’ market is saturated. Gupta said every year about 50 to 60 million new sites are made and that number is only going to grow. “Social media is really hot and everybody is gaining benefits from it: the end user, website owner and the service provider, so this space will be very big in the next few years.”

“The scenario we’re developing is a win-win situation,” added Soni.

Montréal, Québec, Canada

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LoginRadius Inc
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

LoginRadius offers a social platform to help businesses engage, understand and market to their online users. The platform, consisting of social login, social sharing, users social data, single sign-on, social analytics and user segmentation, now serves over 120,000 businesses worldwide. LoginRadius is partnered with industry leaders such as Amazon, Mozilla, Google and Microsoft, to work... more

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