Make global calls from your mobile with EQO

by Warren Frey

Canada already suffers from high wireless rates, but if you make a habit of calling long distance using your mobile phone, costs can quickly spiral out of control. Local start-up EQO aims to change that with EQO Mobile, a free application that brings free instant messaging (via AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and many other services) and cheap voice and texting to the mobile space. By leveraging VOIP and your own data plan, EQO circumvents your wireless carrier, dramatically lowering the cost of international calling. There are a few caveats, such as making sure your phone will work with the software, and going through the process of installing EQO's software. But if you make a lot of international calls, EQO looks like a promising way to pare down your phone bill. EQO will be presenting at the upcoming Financing Forum, which kicks off at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Vancouver on January 16th.

EQO Communications Inc
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

We’re EQO (pronounced “echo”), a well-funded start-up that helps people stay connected around the world using their mobile phone. We’ve developed a service that removes the barriers of high cost or hassle to international mobile calling. EQO Mobile saves people up to 95% on all international calls, IM and texting and even provides FREE calling and texting with other EQO users. EQO is also... more

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Warren Frey

Warren Frey

Warren Frey is a writer, editor, blogger and podcaster based out of Vancouver, BC. After working for six years in the Canadian broadcasting industry, he switched to print and has since covered varied assignments from plumbing conferences to star-studded film galas. But he’s never lost his love for the internet and interactive media, from his teens when he dived into the WELL on his “Woz”... more

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