MakeGood Looks to Leverage Cisco Partnership

by Jonathon Narvey | Culture

Award for "best tongue-in-cheek line" at a gathering of MakeGood stakeholders and media on Wednesday night at their downtown office goes to MakeGood founder and CEO Richard Goosen.

"I like to say that between us and Cisco, we do about $40 billion in business," Goosen says (Cisco reportedly has annual revenues of $39 billion, according to Wikipedia). "Actually, we're quite similar organizations, in that we both had less than $50 billion in revenues last year."

Goosen stressed the importance of building relationships with strategic partners in helping build the MakeGood brand as quickly as possible.

MakeGood also announced it has rapidly built up its presence online with the aid of Twitter, garnering well over 1,000 followers in just eight weeks.

The company provides interactive badges companies can put on their website to highlight good social actions employees have accomplished.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

MakeGood enables companies to communicate their social responsibility effectively to their customers. Through the MakeGood website, companies are able to get real feedback from the people that they help, and receive'social proof' that they are a good company. MakeGood participants are eligible to become 'Certified Socially Responsible' companies and display the MakeGood badge on their website... more

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Jonathon Narvey

Jonathon Narvey

Jonathon Narvey is a Vancouver-based freelance journalist, website copywriter and author. He is the founder of WRITEIMAGE, a website copywriting services company. Jonathon grew up in Winnipeg, Canada. While he remains proud of his prairie roots, he moved to the west coast of Canada soon after beginning a career as a writer. Mostly, he writes about politics, current events and life in... more

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