10 Business Building Tips from Radian6's $326 Million Sale to Salesforce

Radian6's Marcel Lebrun spoke this week at the the Canadian Innovation Exchange and offered some advice for Canadian entrepreneurs.

New Brunswick born Radian6, an industry-leading social media monitoring platform, was acquired by Salesforce for $326 Million earlier this year.

Radian6 secured angel funding in 2006 and brought their product to market by the end of 2007.

Lebrun would go on to say that Radian6 optimized for growth with funding, but never at the expense of profitability. It was also a company that never even saw the “great recession”, so any advice to stay lean expense-wise from investors in difficult times didn’t even apply to them.

Lebrun went on to offer the following 10 business building tips that he learned from Radian6's massive multi-million dollar exit:

10. Do everything early, even before you’re ready - Lebrun said they went into potential client offices before they even launched the product.

9. Find the pull - if you’re pushing something, keep looking, keep searching.

8. Have a dream team from day 1 - the transition from a startup team to becoming a professional one was a huge distraction for some of Radian6’s competitors.

7. Seek out customers that will declare you the market leader.

6. Focus on customer/markets - Lebrun sees too many companies exposing themselves in strange ways these days.

5. You need a “purple cow” - something remarkable about your product that makes the customer go “wow”.

4. Community - the marketing world is rapidly transforming, the biggest shift in the industry’s history, community is the new way to go as this was how Radian6 built their business.

3. Don’t aim for the exit because the exit is just the starting line.

2. Build from the heart - This is a Steve Jobs philosophy - you shouldn’t be aiming for the IPO - you should be aiming to change the world as you see fit.

1. You, the CEO, must build trust. 

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

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