Mark Ruddock's Lessons Learned at Democamp Toronto 28

by Nehal Kazim | Startups

Mark RuddockDemocamp is a monthly gathering for designers, developers and entrepreneurs to get together and demo their startup. On Tuesday, February 22, Democamp 28 was held at Ryerson University with a presentation from Mark Ruddock and 6 demos.

Mark Ruddock is a serial entrepreneur with two successful exits and over 10 years of experience with VC backed technology startups. Ruddock discussed the importance of celebrating customers, never underestimating clients and never giving up.

Democamp Toronto 28 consisted of six demos:

  • Kipu is a time management tool for creatives. You spend your day on a variety of tasks for an array of clients. Kipu helps aggregate total time worked on a project, collaboration capabilities and more.
  • Rocketr is a note taking platform for pre-project concepts. Before the one pagers, product roadmaps, milestones and objectives, Rocketr lets you take notes in a public or private notebook and invite friends and colleagues. Sign up for Rocketr Beta at with invite code: “DEMOCAMP”.
  • is a search engine for your email attachments. With, you can first index all documents and images in your email. Then, tagging keywords as a search allows easy access to the same set of pictures. Found something funny like Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris (link!)? Create a page to share with your friends on your social networks. Visit to sign up!
  • Traffic Alert helps you get to work with the fastest route knowing where accidents are clogging the roads. The best route is determined based on your location indicated by GPS on your smart phone. Visit for steps to downloading the application for your iPhone and Blackberry.
  • TrendSpottr is a real time content trending search engine.  Search a keyword and receive only the popular pieces of content on the topic and determine influencers igniting content popularity. API is in development and Trendspottr is currently working with online financial tools for real-time stock indicators. Visit for instructions on access.
  • TubeMote is your remote control for the web. Share one link with your friends and colleagues to stream them content online. Tubemote is currently working with to use live stream and Scribd for presentations. Visit TubeMote to start sharing content.

Democamp is always motivating to keep working on your startup as well as a kick in the pants from time to time.

David Crow’s goal for Democamp Toronto 29: all female co-founders demoing their startup! Know a chick who is killing it online? Please share this article to help Democamp Toronto 29 have a full roster of women co-founded startups!

Your turn: which startup do you see the most potential in (even if you won’t be using it)?


Kipu is more than just a time tracker. It’s a time mentor. Created with the busy creative in mind, Kipu combines super-simple time tracking and an innovative social calendar with intuitive reporting, helping you become more productive and efficient at work, rest and play. more


TubeMote lets you use your mobile device as a remote control for the web. more

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Rocketr is a cloud-synced, web and mobile application, designed for social note-taking across your public and private groups. Rocketr blends the simplicity of the notepad with the power of conversations - whether in your work teams or social circles. more

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