Mercury Grove launches for web collaboration

by Robert Janelle | Startups

Ottawa start-up Mercury Grove is looking to take on existing web-based collaboration software with their new product launched today: WebCollaboration.

WebCollaboration looks to differentiate itself the competition by focusing not so much on project management, but instead relationship management among the project team.

Created by the same company as contact and relationship management app Network Hippo, the application facilitates conversations among teams even when there are no project tasks (though standard features like task assignment and document sharing are present.)

While most collaboration software only comes into play once a project begins, WebCollaboration is set up to facilitate online interaction before a project has been started.  

It allows teams to maintain communication even once a project is finished. It helps that accounts on WebCollaboration are tied to individuals rather than companies and users can administer and participate in multiple groups.

WebCollaboration Message Page

WebCollaboration also works as a knowledgebase, allowing new contributors to a project to go back and see previous communications, documents and projects to gain background and context, rather than keeping all the information in a mail server or network drive.

The app uses a subscription model, providing a basic single group account that can be accessed by up to three users for free, going to a three group, 12 user account for $19/month and going up to 25 groups accessible by 150 users for $99/month.

Along with more users and storage space, WebCollaboration business accounts can have their look customized with the comapny's branding.

WebCollaboration also offers an affiliate program with a 20 per cent revenue share over the entire time an account is active for a referred user.

Mercury Grove
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

We believe in providing a better technology experience through great software and exceptional support. Mercury Grove develops software and provides professional consulting for medium and large businesses in the US and Canada. We currently have offices in Lexington, Kentucky, and Ottawa, Canada and a distributed team across North America and Asia. We opened our doors in 2005 as a small... more

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