Mesh '09: More Keynotes: Mike Masnick, Howard Lindzon and Paul Kedrosky

by Varun Mathur

Michael Masnick, Founder/CEO of Floor64, the company behind the Techdirt blog, went through 500 slides in his 20 minute presentation talking about digital business models.

Jason Calacanis of Mahalo was supposed to be a keynote speaker as well, but had to back out at the last minute due to a business commitment. Instead, Howard Lindzon and Paul Kedrosky, both highly successful investors and entrepreneurs from the US, filled in and talked about entrepreneurship and venture capital.

"The reality of Venture business: big ticket lottery business." - Paul

"The advice for entrepreneurs is to "go South". Never take money from Canadian VCs. What going on in Canada?" - Paul

"A gaming company on top of Facebook has made more money than Facebook has ever made, and no one has even heard of it." - Howard

Here is a video wrap-up of what the attendees though of the keynotes (courtesy Mesh):


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Varun Mathur

Varun Mathur

Varun Mathur is the Techvibes Community Manager in Toronto, focused on covering local tech startups, news and events. He is also a Co-founder and Product Manager at Zytran, a Toronto-based web startup which developed and launched - a personal news aggregator (Alertle's version 1.0 got widespread global coverage, with reviews written about it in various tech blogs and in over a dozen... more

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