Microsoft Canada To Jumpstart Windows Phone Developer Movement

In a recent report on the state of mobile app marketplaces in 2011, Microsoft is still dragging behind the App Store for iOS devices, and the Android Market.  

Since available applications are a huge factor when it comes to consumer adoption, and with only 40,000 applications available, Windows Phone Marketplace is having a tough go of it.  A quick search for Windows Phone 7 devices in Canada only comes up with 5-6 devices available across all carriers combined.  For comparison purposes, the iOS App Store has somewhere around 600,000 apps, and the Android Market contains about half that (~320,000 apps).

Enter Microsoft’s “Developer Movement”.  Running until May 20th, Microsoft Canada intend to reward developers who produce “quality” apps, a fairly ambiguous term, with no real explanation of what they will deem “quality”.  the campaign is a follow-up to the Mango App Challenge, designed to entice developers to take advantage of the newly released Mango update (Win Phone 7.5).

The prizes are as follows:

Publish 1 Quality app, you get to choose:
- A Kinect™ Sensor for Xbox 360®
- 10,000 Microsoft Points
- Monster® Beats™ Headphones
- A 1TB External HD

Publish 2 Quality apps, you get to choose:
- A Windows® Phone 7
- A $500 Gift Voucher
- 35,000 Microsoft Points
- An Xbox 360® with
- Kinect Bundle

Publish 3 Quality apps, and your apps will be considered for publicity across:
- The Xbox Newsletter
- The Xbox Live Dashboard
- MSDN Website
- MSDN Flash Newsletter
- Canadian Developer Blog

For more information, visit the official site link, or to follow all the goings-on using twitter, the hashtag is #StartSomething.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The Vancouver Development Center (VDC) is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The centre is home to some of the best and brightest software developers from around the world. Since opening its doors in September 2007, the VDC has quickly become an intricate part of Microsoft’s global strategy for distributed software development. VDC employees play a key role in architecting systems,... more

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