MKubed releases complete set of marketing tools for SMBs

by Liam Britten | Startups

A Vancouver startup called mKubed made its debut at the most recent edition of TechBrew, and they’re hitting the ground running by promoting their comprehensive suite of tools for SMBs to manage their media content across all platforms.

MKubed, formerly SnapOMS, is a content management system, asset manager, image editor, archiver, calendar, blog publisher YouTube and Google Maps integrator all in one. It allows companies to generate QR codes, manage customer relationships, leads and emails, has a full range of SEO tools and makes social marketing a breeze with its one-stop-shop approach to publishing for the myriad of social media outlets floating around. Perhaps most impressively is mKubed’s variety of tools to measure and evaluate marketing success: users can analyze page tracking, keyword rankings, demographics of readers and find out what content’s hot and what’s not.

MKubed is already being used by companies in North America and the U.K. in a variety of fields. But March 9th’s public unveiling at TechBrew was a big deal for the company, which had just kicked off new marketing efforts after its rebranding from SnapOMS:

It was a great event for us and we were very happy to be a part of the March '11 TechBrew. With our new mKubed site launched and our coming out party over and done with, now comes the job of spreading the word about our product and the benefits it delivers for SMBs. I know that we have many other challenges ahead of us but with an already established user base and working product, now comes the task of spreading the word about the product we believe in. Our sails are raised and we're setting course out into the open sea. Let's see what's over that horizon.

For more info on mKubed, click here.

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Liam Britten

Liam Britten

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