Mobile Takeover: iPhones and iPads Now Account for More Web Traffic Than Macs

The mobile takeover continues. According to new data from advertising analytics firm Chitika, Apple's iOS devices now account for more web traffic than Apple's Mac desktops and laptops.

The company's latest insights report reveals that Mac's web traffic market share has been slowly declining, losing ground to iOS, which has been steadily rising. They met at about 8% this month and now iOS is ahead of Mac and will likely remain on top.

"The data shows that the web market shares of iOS and OS X have been converging since August," writes Chitika. "iOS has been posting regular gains, and has experienced an overall growth of nearly 50%, whereas OS X has seen its market share decline by 25% since a high point in September. February marks the first point where a reversal in position can be seen in the respective operating systems. iOS passes Mac OS with 8.15% of all web traffic, whereas Mac OS only sees 7.96%."

But why?

Apple's habit of launching cutting edge gadgets year after year is driving consumers to newer products. Combining this aspect with the similar functionality of iOS devices and a lower price point, it may be that consumers are choosing to go mobile, instead of purchasing more expensive Apple computers. Alternatively, the shift towards an on-the-go lifestyle could be driving mobile device purchases by the consumer, and thereby driving the corresponding increasing in mobile web usage.

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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