MoboVivo Demos New SocialTV Platform at SXSW

by Sarah Blue | Startups

Having just announced in January that its customer’s videos had surpassed 1 million views, MoboVivo went to SXSW to demo a new socialTV platform.

The new platform, called previiw, enables online and mobile audiences to clip, comment on and share online TV content. Previiw makes it easy for users to connect with related information, advertising and their social stream.

As a broadcast medium, television offers viewers a low level of participation. Online social media changes that dynamic, giving audiences the opportunity to actively engage with programs and to share their interest with others. MoboVivo’s previiw makes it easy for users to create and share clips from their favourite shows.  With previiw, users can capture clips of TV episodes and share them on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs and mobile apps.

The platform also includes the ability to dynamically connect with and deepen relationships between video and web-based content including related information from the users social graph. Driven by video metadata, the ability display relevant information, including advertising is built into the demo for SXSW. MoboVivo is working with ad networks to bring in advertising that is relevant to a video or even a specific part of the video.

Essentially, previiw allows users to decide what the most important part of a TV episode is and make a commercial of it to share with their friends, valuable information for both advertisers and content producers. 

Mobovivo Inc.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Mobovivo is a team of TV producers and talented software engineers that turn the TV industries biggest threat - mobile devices pulling audiences away from TV - into their greatest asset - ad revenue. more

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Sarah Blue

Sarah Blue

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