Montreal Internet Exchange Launches IXP in Quebec to Bring Faster Internet to Canadians

by Knowlton Thomas

The Montreal Internet Exchange this week launched the first Quebec Internet Exchange Point, which will bring faster Internet to users across the province. 

The Montreal Internet Exchange, known as QIX, is non-profit organization working to create a more robust, higher-performing Internet in the province of Quebec. An Internet Exchange Point is a large data switch that allows Internet users in the same area, such as a large city, to connect directly with each other—an IXP allows local network traffic to take shorter, faster paths between member networks, accelerating traffic flow on major Internet backbones, improving performance, and helping to reduce network costs, according to QIX.

“The launch of the Montreal Internet Exchange is a critical step towards creating a faster, more robust Internet, not just in Quebec, but across all of Canada,” says Sylvie LaPerrière, chairperson of the Montreal Internet Exchange and Program Manager for Peering and Content Distribution at Google. “With eight million residents, and over two million households with fixed line broadband subscriptions, we’re delighted that Montreal is home to the new QIX.”

For Quebec’s businesses, residents and service providers, QIX says the new exchange point will reduce IP transit costs; improve performance and security for consumers by keeping traffic local without round tripping to exchanges in Toronto or New York; provide close proximity to the European cable landing stations in Halifax; and allow service and content providers and other private and public sector partners to establish new peering relationships with low administrative burdens.

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority assisted QIX by acquiring networking equipment and supporting QIX’s development through a seat on the Exchange’s board of directors.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is a not for profit Canadian corporation that is responsible for operating the dot-ca Internet country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) as a key public resource for all Canadians in an innovative, open, and efficient manner. CIRA may carry out other Internet related activities for the Canadian community in a similar manner. more

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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