Montreal's Seevibes Launches Canada's First TV Social Audience Ranking

Montreal's Seevibes seized the opportunity of the Banff World Media Festival to inaugurate its Seevibes TV Ratings.

This service allows users to view the ratings of Canadian TV shows via the experience viewers share on social media. Seevibes offers broadcasters and media professionals "exclusive data on the television audience to help them valorize their TV programming and optimize their cross-media ad campaigns."

"Canadians spend more than 28 hours a week watching television and the latest studies show they still love their TV," Seevibes president Laurent Maisonnave. "But social media have changed their relationship with television." Seevibes realized that for the 18 million Canadians on social networks, it's become common practice to share commentary on TV shows via Facebook and Twitter. 

"More than 80% of viewers share their attention with a second screen in the living room on a smartphone or a tablet," according to Laurent. "After changing how people watch TV, social networks are now transforming the programs that take the most advantage of viewers' strong engagement. The public is very receptive to the integration of social media with TV commercials."

According to the Seevibes ratings, NHL Hockey has the highest Seevibes score with 68, as well as the most interactions with nearly 40,000, for cable. For broadcast, Citytv's Amercia's Got Talent boasts a score of 64 with 7,100 interactions.

Montréal, Québec, Canada

Seevibes is the leading provider of smart audience advertising to support performance marketing across devices and advertising networks. By analyzing billions of data points collected from +150 million profiles across 8 countries and 5 languages, Seevibes has built the Engagement Graph, a true map of the engagement of people on Facebook and Twitter. Our mission is to help advertisers to... more

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