More Research Confirms That Average People Have Absolutely No Clue What Cloud Computing Is

by Knowlton Thomas | Research

95% of North Americans who claim they never use the cloud actually do.

That is the result of a recent study from Wakefield Research in a nutshell. Commissioned by Citrix, the research reveals that the average North American still has absolutely no idea what the heck the cloud is.

51% of those surveyed, for example, believe that stormy weather can interfere with cloud computing. One-third believe it's a "thing of the future" even though 97% actually use it today.

Problem is, everybody's just faking it. 22% of North Americans admit to having pretended to know what the cloud is or how it works, including in the office to fit in and even as a lie during job interviews. More bizarrely, 18% have faked knowledge of the cloud during a first date. Young'uns are especially susceptible to this faux pas: a whopping 36% pretend to know about the cloud when they don't really.

When asked what “the cloud” is only 16% said they think of a computer network to store, access and share data from internet-connected devices. Wakefield said that some of the verbatim responses included toilet paper, pillow, smoke, outerspace, cyberspace, mysterious network, unreliable, security, sadness, relaxed, overused, oh goody a hacker’s dream, storage, movies, money, memory, back-up, joy, innovation, drugs, heaven and a place to meet.

How are we using the cloud without knowing it? 65% bank online, 63% shop online, 58% use social networking sites, 45% have played online games, 29% store photos online, 22% store music or videos online, and 19% use online file-sharing. All of these services are cloud based. Even when people don’t think they’re using the cloud, they really are.

“This survey clearly shows that the cloud phenomenon is taking root in our mainstream culture, yet there is still a wide gap between the perceptions and realities of cloud computing,” said Kim DeCarlis, vice president of corporate marketing at Citrix. “While significant market changes like this take time, the transition from the PC era to the cloud era is happening at a remarkable pace. The most important takeaway from this survey is that the cloud is viewed favorably by the majority of Americans, and when people learn more about the cloud they understand it can vastly improve the balance between their work and personal lives.”

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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