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This is a continuing series of guest posts from Gregg Tilston.  As Global Social Media Manager of Flight Centre Group, Gregg is living his dream job as it marries Social Media and travel. Gregg is also a member of the Toronto Movember Committee, a cause near and dear to his heart as his father IS a prostate cancer survivor.

Movember week one is over and I have either the scariest or most lame Mo ever. By the comments and staring it seems the jury is still out and looking around the Flight Centre Web Dev and IT teams it appears I have a run for my money.

So, welcome to week two of Movember and the next installment of Movember Monday where we highlight the Canadian Tech Community supporting Movember and Prostate Cancer Canada. This week I have the pleasure of highlighting a team that is near and dear to my heart, Freshbooks.

I had the opportunity to ask Levi Cooperman, Darius Bashar, and Casey McKinnon about their involvement in Movember and why supporting Prostate Cancer Canada is so important.

Darius what about growing a Mo is special to you?

There is no better feeling than thousands of people all over the world coming together to do their part for a great cause. Doing good does not have to be boring and there is nothing boring about growing ridiculous looking facial hair with friends and co-workers. I sat on the sidelines for the past 2 years and deeply regretted it. There is no way I am going to let this opportunity pass me by for a third year. 

So what are your goals this Movember?

I want to raise awareness. This will be easy because I can grow a wicked stache and it will spark many conversations, I want to raise at least $1000, and I want to meet other socially charged new friends. 

Levi what do you hope to achieve growing your Mo this year?

Worldwide adoration from women for my moustache as well as generating some cash and buzz for prostate cancer.

Casey what is your motivation this Movember?

I’m growing my Mo for a friend of mine who was afflicted with cancer when he was the age I am now.  He’s an incredible inspiration to me, and is now in remission.  He fought really hard, and you would never know today that he ever had it.    

And what do you hope to achieve this year?

I hope to raise money, but more importantly awareness for prostate cancer.  Movember is an amazing marketing method to raise awareness, and is such a fun way to get involved.

Lastly to the three of you, what styling of Mo this year?

Darius – Dali.

Casey – I am growing a “Major”. My dad was in the RCMP, so I’m modeling my style after his.  

Levi – Tough, tough call, but being a huge Magnum P.I. fan as a kid has me leaning towards Tom - what a beautiful image it was seeing him and his stache cruise around Hawaii in Higgins' Ferrari.

Thanks to the guys at Freshbooks for joining us for Movember Monday and join us again next week on Techvibes when we head across the country to see what another tech team is doing to support Movember and Prostate Cancer Canada.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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