Movember Mondays: iStockphoto supports Movember

by Gregg Tilston

This is a continuing series of guest posts from Gregg Tilston.  As Global Social Media Manager of Flight Centre Group, Gregg is living his dream job as it marries Social Media and travel. Gregg is also a member of the Toronto Movember Committee, a cause near and dear to his heart as his father IS a prostate cancer survivor.

Wow, it’s almost time to call it a wrap on Movember. Where has the time gone and can someone turn up the temperature because my upper lip is about to freeze! Here at Flight Centre’s Toronto head office we’ll celebrate with a Mo-off; beer and clippers – seriously, what could go wrong?

To wrap up the month we head back across the country to Calgary to chat with the gang from and we also check back in with some of the previous Canadian tech teams we highlighted during Movember Mondays.

So check this out, thirty-one people at iStockphoto are participating in Movember.  They plan to have the great shave-off at their headquarters on Nov. 30. What’s amazing is that iStockphoto the company has pledged to match funds raised by the iStock employees, who call themselves the iStash team. So far the iStash team has raised close to $10,000!

I had the chance to ask Jay Boehm, VP of Technology and Danny Martin, Director of Business Development why they are doing Movember this year.

Jay - Many of us at iStock have had someone close to us pass away from cancer or at least fight cancer.  And I would say all of the men here have a healthy dread of the prostate exam. One of the requirements of working at iStock is that you have a healthy sense of humor.  Movember allows us to do something good for an important cause,  while having a good laugh as we see our previously well-groomed coworkers morphing into fur-faces we can't possibly take seriously.  I mean look at Danny with that red monstrosity!

Danny - We affectionately refer to my moustache as the "Ginger Tickle."  My fiancee won't kiss me and making deals at tradeshows is pretty hard because all people can do is stare or walk in the other direction, but it is so worth it!

Jay, what’s your Mo-tivation?

Jay - Movember is a brilliant concept really. It's easy, it's fun and it's for a good cause. We did it to have some good male bonding around the office and get a good laugh or two while reminding all men to look after their health.

Lastly, what is your goal as we finish up Movember?

Danny - I'd like to see if we are truly going to beat the Calgary Flames team at this moustache-growing charitable game, and personally, to see if my whiskers can make a handlebar.

Jay - This is our trial run. We hope to raise awareness of the disease and get more people tested for sure. We've had so much fun this year; we are going to go even bigger next year.

Huge thanks to the gang at iStock for supporting Movember, Prostate Cancer Canada, and joining us for Movember Mondays.

To close things out I want to finish with a thought from Levi Cooperman, VP of Operations at Freshbooks.

I was amazed how many people donated this year without me specifically asking, I just posted it on twitter.

And a short video from Team Massive Walrus, aka the Hootsuite/Invoke team.

I want to thank all the great Canadian tech teams who joined me this year for Movember Mondays and the gang at Techvibes for allowing me a place to hang out for the month of Movember.

Mo-on and cheers until Movember 2011!

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