Moving from Cowtown to Techcouver?

by Jeff Horton

When I mentioned to Rob Lewis that I was considering a move to join the BC Tech community he did what any good editor would do and challenged me to make a post out of it.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, here I am to present myself to the community and to see if I can excite you as much as you excite me.

Choosing an introduction style is always difficult so I have decided to try a couple techniques based on local companies.

The PlentyOfFish Dating method:

  • Loves: Techy stuff, shiny things, pretty solutions, tattooed servers, programming, solving puzzles, simplicity, cooking
  • Dislikes: Vitamin D, walking, exploring, finding out new things that break my reality, family time, ok, so not really dislikes, all these things are awesome too.
  • Spend my time lost in thought with c++, perl, php, reading, objects, playing, networking.
  • Former entrepreneur and current dev/systems guy Looking for a committed, serious yet super fun and cutting edge relationship with someone who loves what they do and how they do it. Please no dim lighting and politics.
  • Avoiding Oil/Gas/Mining/Destruction, Wanting Community/Entertainment/Social Good/Enviro/Health businesses
  • Planning on trip next week and want to meet founders/funders/hiring in safe environments with witnesses (Coffee)

The HootSuite Twitter method:

  • @jeffhorton looking to move to bc from yyc, snr dev/mgr c++/perl/php/web/network pls RT #bc #vancouver #programming #c++ #php
  • @jeffhorton was soft eng mgr and arch for gps wireless tracking startup, was security agent and app developer, was re-engineering process, was founder
  • @jeffhorton want next great challenge, barely defined ideas, bring happiness/entertainment/care and touch lots of lives #karma
  • @jeffhorton enviro lover, CFLs, low flow showerheads, light flush, lights off, powerdown, walking is okay #reducereuserecycle
  • @jeffhorton ideas in healthcare, entertainment, enviro, social good, avoiding Oil/ Gas/ Mining/ Destruction biz
  • @jeffhorton coming next week, want appointments with founders/funders/hiring looking for helpful entrepreneur type dev more LinkedIn

I will see you all soon.

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Jeff Horton

Jeff Horton

Jeff Horton is an entrepreneur and innovator based in Calgary Alberta. He works with companies to define and implement their technology visions, create new businesses and improve profitability. more

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