Need a ride home after a Canucks game? Find a taxi in Vancouver now with Vancouver's TaxiNow

Although the app was first launched in December 2010, Vancouver-based TaxiNow has a renewed purpose: with the Canucks on their hottest playoff run in 17 years and just three wins from their first Stanley Cup in history, taxis are in high demand following each and every one of the team's wildly popular games.

Hailing one fast can be hard, but it's easy with TaxiNow.

The smartphone and web app uses GPS to discover nearby cabs. And it's gained traction since launch, making it easier than ever to hail a cab quickly and easily.

“We want to help eliminate the many frustrations faced by passengers and drivers alike by providing the fastest and most reliable way to hail a taxi,” says co-founder Jamie Sutherland.

“When you can see your taxi right on the screen, it eliminates both the hide-and-seek game of finding a taxi and the frustration of not knowing when your taxi will arrive. With TaxiNow, you see your taxi moving towards you in real-time,” says co-founder Christopher Stott. 

The app is free to download on iPhones and Android  devices and free to use at



TaxiNow is a free iPhone app that makes hailing a taxi easy. It allows passengers to see the exact location of nearby available taxis on a map and hail them with one simple click. more

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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