Canadian Startup Neptune Launches Pine Smartwatch on Kickstarter with Great Success

by Knowlton Thomas | Culture

UPDATE: The Neptune Pine has met its Kickstarter goal and raised $801,224 from 2,839 backers.

Techvibes first covered Pine, a fully featured smartwatch built by Montreal's Neptune, back in January. At the time, the watch wasn't ready to ship and its price tag was pegged at a steep $400.

Now the Pine has launched on Kickstarter, ready to ship and with a lower price of $335, with preorder pricing as low as $199—or at least, there was pricing that low: the Canadian startup's crowdfunding campaign has gotten off to such a good start that within a couple days, all 500 of the early adopter Pines in the 16GB size sold out. Four days in, 1,000 backers have pledged $250,000 toward Neptune's $100,000 goal.

Neptune describes its wearable device as "he definitive all-in-one smartwatch," offering voice calls, video chat, a full keyboard, and GPS.

"The Pine is the only device you'll ever need," the company says, emphasizing that it's not a complementary device to a smartphone. "It's really the top of the food chain when it comes to smartwatches, packing more features than any wrist-worn device out there, without the need to keep your smartphone nearby."

Neptune was founded by Simon Tian, a 19-year-old entrepreneur from Montreal.

Last year, Eric Migicovsky, another young Canadian entrepreneur, used Kickstarter to raise a record-shattering $10 million for his smartwatch, the Pebble.

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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