New Threshold app helps you monitor your smartphone data usage

Smartphone users love their devices but are often afraid of getting swindled by their wireless carriers for going over their dataThreshold app screenshots usage limits. Well, luckily there is now an app for that. Earlier this month, Toronto-based mobile development company Kvvlu Inc. introduced their new Threshold app which helps users to better manage their mobile data usage and save on their monthly charges.

Kengwei Lu, founder of Threshold, created the app because he was frustrated that carrier data usage reports are often six to seven days delayed, making it difficult to really know how much data you have used up. Lu says that he is “confident that Threshold is the best data usage monitoring app on the market.”

How it works

Threshold provides customizable alerts and notifications based on daily, weekly and monthly limits that are dynamically calculated in real-time. The app just requires a sixty-second set-up that prompts users to input their cell phone data plan details (e.g. billing date, usage limits, current usage) and then instantly begins tracking data usage without requiring users to sign-up for an account.

As a result, budget-conscious mobile data customers such as small businesses and travelers can optimize their data plans and avoid unexpected charges for going out of their data plan zones.

Here are some of the app’s most impressive features:

Real-time data-usage alerts - can be set-up by day, week or month and are customizable for any data usage percentage: e.g. 50%, 70% or even 99% of available data. The alerts also allow users to track peak data usage times, display remaining available data and plan their monthly usage accordingly.

Identifies “phantom data charges” – can help you see how your data is being eaten up even when you are not using your device. This report also helps you cross-check with your monthly bill to make sure you are not being over-charged for anything.

Create and customize “data zones” – that will help you avoid surprise charges for roaming fees when you go on vacation or travel for business.

Threshold is available for download for the iPhone from iTunes for a one-time fee of $3.99, and will be available for Android in August 2011 and is slated for Blackberry in early 2012.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Threshold empowers users to better manage their mobile data usage and gain monthly savings by offering customizable alerts and notifications which can be set to monitor daily, weekly and monthly limits on usage. Threshold enables “comfort zones” to curtail roaming fees, tracks peak usage times and the aggregate is displayed in an elegant user-friendly interface. more

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