News in Short: Dell reveals larger tablet in teasing fashion; fake Twitter account wreaks hilarious havoc

by Knowlton Thomas

news in short

Dell reveals larger tablet in teasing fashion

Michael Dell dropped hints that his company is working on a 7-inch Android OS tablet, briefly flashing the device in front of a crowd at an Oracle event.

Michael Dell was discussing the Dell Streak, available in the U.K. and U.S. The Streak also runs Google’s Android OS but has a screen size of just five inches.

“Of course, it’s nice to have a larger screen,” said Michael. But he didn’t go into any further detail while on stage.

Fake Twitter account wreaks hilarious havoc

A fake Twitter account for Birmingham's National Express is wreaking havoc on the real one.

While now difficult to be seen as anything other than humour, the fake Travel_WM account was confusing passengers who thought it was real, announcing route cancellations due to comical reasons, such as "rioting peasants."

The real NXBus is less than amused, however, and has contacted Twitter with a request to have the fake account removed.

The fake account has accumulated more than twice as many followers as the real one.

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