News in Short: Toshiba and Best Buy collab on kid's laptop; iPads to outsell Macs in 2011

by Knowlton Thomas

news in short

Toshiba and Best Buy collab on kid's laptop

2 years of collaboration has resulted in a $500 kid-specific laptop to be sold toward the end of the month exclusively at Best Buy.

Deliberately distinguished from toy-like netbooks previously touted as kids' PCs, this “mainstream laptop” was customized for kids aged 5 to 10, and boasts a 13-inch screen, full-sized keyboard, optical drive, and Microsoft’s Windows 7 software. 

(Kids with laptops at five years old seems insane to me, and I'm only one generation behind. Wow. Feeling antiquated already.)

Some kid-specific features include liquid-resistant keyboards and protective exterior coatings.

iPads to outsell Macs in 2011

News flash: Tablets are hot! A prominent analyst forecasted on the Apple Insider blog that Apple's iPad will outsell its Mac next year.

Gene Munster said his prediction is based on the iPad's international rollout, a boost in supply and distribution channels, and an increased use in business. He also expects that, despite looming competitors in RIM and Android, the iPad will continue to dominate the tablet market over the next year. No surprises, really.

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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